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Music Videos

“#LoveMyself”– CHISongWriter

“Let’s Get It” – Essence W.

“Pure” – D.Webb

Event Documentary

CES 2018 Highlights Las Vegas, NV

I&T Today CES 2018 Highlights

DJ McFly Opens for Nelly at Peoria, IL Riverfront

DreamHack 2017 Denver – Highlight Reel


Business Promotions/Commercials

Kind Mindz Glass Art Studio and Gallery 7-10-17

Kind Mindz Glass Art Studio & Gallery – Black Friday

C.O.R.E. Fitness & Boxing Club – Fitness

C.O.R.E. Fitness & Boxing Club – Box


Most Videos Shot/Edited by Me

 IT&T Videos I can specify my role. Shoot, Edit, etc

“More Than Ink” – Tattoo Documentary

“Photography’s Elevation to Art” – History/Evolution of Photography

The Inspirational Story of Benjilock with Kevin O’Leary and Kim Kelley- Short

The Inspirational Story of Benjilock with Kevin O’Leary and Kim Kelley- FULL


Crowdfunding The Future: An Interview with David Mandelbrot, CEO of Indiegogo

Indiegogo - Interview

A Reading of A.I. Generated Harry Potter


Celebs Reveal Why They’re Inspired by Jane Goodall at Premiere of JANE

Jamie Lee Curtis Interview – “JANE” Premiere

Jane Lynch Interview – “JANE” Premiere

Omar Benson Miller Interview – “JANE” Premiere

Brett Morgen – Interview – “JANE” Premiere

Online Streaming a FULL TIME JOB?? Down To Quest tells us how they do it!

Mew2King vs. I&TT Team in Super Smash Bros – Denver DreamHack 2017

FGC Fighting Game 101 – Dreamhack Denver 2017 PT. 1 w/ Alex Jebailey

DEMS FIGHTING WORDS – Fighting Game Terminology – PT.2

FGC Final Fight Pt. 3 – Getting the Upset Over a Pro with Button Mashing?!?

What’s Inside the Mystery Box???

Yaprak DeCarmine Shows us UniPocalypse

These Games Were Made in 72 Hours!