Cover Letter

My name is Adam Saldaña. I am from Chicago,IL. I am a Multimedia Major who loves Visual Art. I have an extreme passion for being behind a camera. My passions lie in video editing, visual effects, photography, and graphic design. I’ve always loved the saying

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

I believe as artists in this New Age we can communicate our message beyond only a thousand words. The message we carry is prominent throughout our work. I love the aspect of art in which we can spread that message. Through these forms of art I feel like I can really touch or change somebody’s perspective. I myself, love going through this process, not only to see others gears turning, but I too like to grow and see things in a new light.


Art is an expression from within. Photography and Videography is an extension of Art. Anything from a rough sketch to a complete movie can really touch and change a viewers opinion or outlook. Everything from camera angles to lighting and color palates can affect the viewer. I am passionate about creating works that can shed new light on people. Whether it be for commercial use using psychology, entertainment for a laugh to brighten someones day, or to a thought provoking design that could open your eyes into a world within your imagination. Art has the capability to touch every emotion and change your psychological thinking. If you let it.


I was recently accepted to The University of Colorado Boulder to finish my Bachelor’s Degree in Film Studies. I wish to finish my degree here in the near future I just recently moved to Denver,CO from the Midwest. I wanted to experience as much as I can. I believe with more life experiences under my belt that I could be that much better of an artist. As for now I am seeking a Multimedia position (Photography/Videography) that would help me reach my future goal.

-Adam Saldaña


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