Hello, my name is Adam Saldaña. I am a Multimedia Major who loves Visual Art. I have an extreme passion for being  behind a camera. My passions lie in video editing, photography, and graphic design. I’ve always loved the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

I believe as artists in this New Age we can communicate our message beyond only a thousand words.  The message we carry is prominent throughout our work. I love the aspect of art in that we can spread that message. Through these forms of art I feel like I can really touch or change somebody’s perspective. I myself, love going through this process not only to see others gears turning, but I too like to grow and see things in a new light.

Art is an expression from within. Anything from a rough sketch to a complete movie can really touch and change a viewers opinion or outlook. Everything from camera angles to lighting and color palates can affect the viewer. I am passionate about creating works that can shed that new light on people. Whether it be for entertainment, for a laugh to brighten someones day, to a thought provoking design that could open your eyes into a world within your imagination. Art has the capability to touch every emotion and change your psychological thinking. If you let it.

My plan is to move away from where my passion emerged. I want to experience as much as I can. I believe with more life experiences under my belt I could be that much better of an artist. My fire for this burns everyday. I want to be able to spread the universal message. The universal message that art is life. Art gives meaning to life. The truth is that this life path has endless opportunities that have endless possibilities. I couldn’t see myself being anything other than what I feel is  staying true to myself…being an Artist.

-Adam Saldaña

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